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We can explore the world today through a wide range of media, pick up snippets of information, read in depth about something that we may be interested in personally or follow a lead and discover something new. The Internet can be a fascinating discovery channel that builds up a fuller picture of a holiday destination through a collection of travel sites and images.

areas of natural beauty for cottage holidays in the ukFind out more about cottage holidays in the United Kingdom, read about its stunning rural areas where nature effortlessly creates a magnificent green garden.

Read about particular parts of rural Britain that attract scores of tourists because of their natural beauty. The national parks fall into this category as do the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We can happily go on holiday to these country locations in the full knowledge that stunning vistas await us.

Peak District in the Midlands

The Peak District is a popular holiday and weekend break destination for people resident in the Midlands. There are plenty of cottages to rent for a few days in the Peak District, staying in the holiday area enables tourists to make the most of their break. Each national park has a unique character that depends on the underlying geology and history of the area. People visit to enjoy the open countryside, the views, walks in the fresh air, to take photographs and to explore. Because there are so many visitors, these areas have numerous pubs, ancient inns and tea shops to offer refreshments.

outdoor activities in the countrysideThe Peak District and northern national parks are covered with sheep. These national parks are known for their dry stone walls that intersect the farmland because a certain portion of the national parks around the edges are farmland. However, much of the ground is rocky and unsuitable for farming and this is where nature has run rampant and covered the ground in heather and wild flowers, all of which contributes to its glory.

Limestone is the base rock in the Midlands and the area is very well known for its caves, for pot holing climbing and high ridges where hang gliders can take to the skies. Inevitably, such wonderful wide expanses of open ground lend themselves to a variety of outdoor sports. Mountain biking and hiking are popular pastimes. Read more about outdoor activities in



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