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writing travel articlesPocket money writers is part of a web design group that creates web sites principally for the travel and holiday industry. The development of website necessitates the research and writing of large volumes of information. This is where we are most grateful for our team of occasional writers who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with us for a fee. People with an aptitude and desire for writing find it relatively easy and pleasurable to write about topics close to their hearts and are rewarded for this.

Naturally, we ask anyone who is interested in becoming an occasional 'pocket money writer' to register with us and to supply an initial sample of writing. Once approved as an accepted writer, you will be able to submit articles on a variety of topics as and when you wish. A list of specific topics will be provided.

Remuneration is monthly for original articles of an acceptable standard. All work is checked for plagiarism and writers must agree to our code of conduct. If this sounds like the kind of work you would enjoy, do read on and register your interest.


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