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Writing articles for us suits people who are able to write effortlessly and fluently. It is easy to wax lyrical on subjects that we know and understand in depth. Most of us will have a detailed insight into our own home town or an aspect of that town. Since we mainly work with regional information and travel matters, some subjects will be much easier to write about than others and the best way of being successful is to carefully select familiar topics.

Varied styles are welcome - pieces may be serious or entertaining - all should be targeted at a family audience. We provide a list of planned specific topics and guidelines on the type of information that we would like. We pay a fixed rate per word of 3.5 pence ( 0.035 GBP) for each accepted article, please contact us to confirm the latest rates and read our terms and conditions before applying to become of our writers.

We pay more for articles that require a little research about UK locations - currently 5p per word.

Some of the current topics are shown below. Most of the work is about Britain and Ireland because we specialise in travel and holiday marketing for the UK and Irish Republic. As a rough guide, each article would be at least 250 words long and no more than 1,000 words long.

Topics currently required:

A holiday guide to your town, village or hamlet in Ireland, Scotland or Wales or any British Islands such as the Channel Islands or the Isle of Wight

This holiday guide should describe:

1. The town or village location or setting

2. Amenities the town provides

3. Interesting places to visit

4. Best times to visit


Good walks in the UK or Ireland

A guide to a suggested walk in your area or an area that you are familiar with. This could be town or rural walks and should include:


1. Start and end details, duration, directions

2. Ability levels

3. What one can expect to see along the route

3. Parking and toilets

4. Any other appropriate information


Perhaps, the next time that you go for a walk you may wish to take notes as you go and gather data for your next article?



Hen Party Weekends

1. Suggestions for hen parties

2. Advice on organanising your own hen party

3. Best ever hen weekends

4. Dressing for a hen party

5. Hen party themes

Please note that articles should not contain any references to named companies.


Other topics of interest:



Holidays with dogs





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