Copy Writing

for the world wide web

Copy writing for holiday websites is writing in such a way as to inspire the reader to seriously consider taking a holiday in a particular location or to book accommodation for the holiday.

Any travel articles written should be positive and interesting. Reading should create a desire in the reader to find out more and hopefully go on to book a holiday.

Using appropriate phrases is an important factor in writing for the Internet. Search engines find information for users based on the key words that users enter into a browser. Any articles written for the web should ideally incorporate such key phrases.

We are not looking for search engine optimisation experts although any talents in seo would be useful.

Another important aspect of writing for the web is brevity. All articles need to be succinct because people tend to prefer to read snippets of information rather than lengthy pages of information on a computer.

If this has whetted your appetite for writing, do read more about writing for us and discover what is entailed.




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