Content writing for the web

There is a constant high demand for good original writing

Writing for the web is a little different from writing for other purposes. Most people require information quickly and concisely on the web – they do not sit and read page after page of writing as one would a book.

Each article submitted must be accurate, well written and comply with our terms and conditions.

Is this suitable for you?


We all know whether we enjoy writing or not. Some people are most creative, even passionate about certain topics. We are looking for people with good local knowledge and imagination .

What would I need to do this?


All articles must be submitted electronically. To do this, you will need to have access to a computer to type up and check your articles and an email account to be able to send them to us.

Where would my articles be published?


Your articles would be published on a variety of web sites. The topics on our lists of required articles will vary depending on the web sites that we are currently developing.

What about declaring tax?


As an occasional writer, you contribute articles on a self-employed basis. All tax considerations are your responsibility. We can refer you to government help sites to check current tax allowances.


The spelling and grammar check included in word processing packages makes proof reading much easier than ever. We expect all articles to have been checked in this way and supplied to us in digital format via emails or as email attachments.



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