No Pressure Writing

for travel and holiday publications

This website is for people who might like to write articles occasionally, at their own convenience without any pressure of deadlines. Payment for articles is at a rate per word - the more accepted articles that you complete, the more you earn.

Some writers may simply like to have a hobby that pays and that is fine with us as well.


Can anyone submit articles to us?

Anyone of any age above 16 is welcome to apply to be one of our registered writers. There is a small test of ability and acceptance of our terms and conditions before anyone can become one of our accepted writers. Once accepted, writers can select topics that suit them from our list of requirements and submit them. Inevitably, each article is subject to scrutiny and approval before it is accepted or rejected. Our advice would be: apply if you feel that you have a talent for writing and can do so easily.

There is no cost at any stage, all that you can possibly lose is your time. Try it and see - you may just enjoy writing as a hobby or a living.

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