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Self-catering is a popular holiday choice in Britain

Self-catering accommodation has traditionally offered people an economical way of taking a holiday with a much higher degree of comfort than camping. When the rain begins to flood tents, people staying in holiday cottages simply put the kettle on and watch a film or two on the TV or play games with the children, until the skies clear. Cottage holidays are weather proof.

Of course, it is far nicer to take a holiday in warm sunny weather, however, Britain is known worldwide for its erratic climate and renting an entire cottage or house allows people the freedom and space not to feel too bad when the weather does not go their way.

Self-catering holidays have evolved over the years and standards have risen to reflect this. There is accommodation of every possible size and style that can be rented; in the case of mansions, a couple of nights upwards or small cottages from three days or more. Holidaymakers’ expectation have also evolved over the decades and people now expect a superior standard of housekeeping, manicured gardens, well-equipped games rooms, fridge freezers, coffee makers and that self-catering essential; a dishwasher.

Up-market holiday homes may have a swimming pool, a home cinema and a plethora of kitchen gadgets that each require a user manual to explain how they work. Most ordinary holidaymakers simply want high quality comfortable accommodation that is easy to settle into.

It is the extra facilities that enhance a holiday and push up the cost. Hot tubs are the latest ‘must have’ innovation. Everyone wants one on holiday, perhaps due to the advertising images of blissfully relaxed people that are published.

Pine lodges are another growth area in the self-catering market. Less expensive than a traditional bricks and mortar cottage and designed for compact living and comfort, log cabins have a wide appeal. They do sit nicely with a natural environment and attract the type of holidaymaker who might like to cycle the paths and trails, to fish in the stocked lakes, or play their favourite games on an adjacent golf course. These tend to be classified as luxurious and in the main, they offer attractive pleasing holiday accommodation. A personal hot tub or sauna is often additional features that widen the appeal.

The cottage holiday web sites in the UK may advertise details of self-catering cottages by geographic area, by occupancy or specialise in certain groups such as holiday cottages with a swimming pool.

There is a vast choice of such accommodation that makes the selection process more difficult. Cottage feedback and ratings were once thought to better inform potential guests although these may also be in doubt due to manipulated or even false reviews.

In our opinion, photographs are the best guide to any holiday accommodation. Check the date of when they were taken and go with gut instinct. The better accommodation providers try hard to keep their information up-to-date.

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